Hire Me

Learning Coaching
Is there something you want to learn, but you can’t figure out how to approach it? An approach you know should work but can’t seem to implement? Or something you’ve poured dozens of hours into and aren’t seeing the progress you should? I can help you unlock whatever is blocking you to make progress on your learning goal (your real goal), whatever that is. The first two hour session is free, after that it is $200/hour with sliding scale available.

Is there a specific question you’d like an answer to, that you don’t have the time or expertise to pursue yourself? I can research them for you. Prices start at ~$100/hour, although are subject to heavy adjustment based on length of project, how intrinsically interesting I find the question, what my competing priorities are at the time, and whether you are a corporation, non-profit, or individual.

Knowledge Boostrapping Project
If you’d like to support the Knowledge Bootstrapping Project without a specific reward, congratulations on being a person of such fine taste and morals. Allow me to direct you to my paypal and patreon.

Please e-mail me elizabeth-at-this-domain to talk specifics.