Talk to Me for an Hour (Now 30 Minutes Long)


Long ago I did a thing called “talk to me for an hour”, where anyone who displayed the good sense to read this blog could book time with me to discuss anything they thought would be interesting. Eventually life got in the way and I had to close the offer. But! It’s now the Great Isolation, and talking to strangers is the most appealing it has ever been. So I’m bringing TTMFAH back, albeit in an abbreviated half hour format.

What’s the catch/ All I ask is that you have a some questions in mind. We don’t necessarily have to hold to them, but I didn’t spend 7 years writing out my deepest, most important thoughts to have to come up with conversation topics on the fly.

Time can be booked on my calendly, with the caveat that calendly doesn’t sync perfectly and I may need to reschedule. If you’d like a more secure time, you can e-mail me at elizabeth-at-this-domain-name.

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