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Long ago I did a thing called “talk to me for an hour”, where anyone who displayed the good sense to read this blog could book time with me to discuss anything they thought would be interesting. Eventually life got in the way and I had to close the offer. But! I’m now stuck indoors indefinitely, and after 6 or 8 works of intense covid-related work I’m out of the sprint. This seems like the perfect time to bring it back. In fact I’m making it even easier: instead of e-mailing back and forth to find a time, you can book time on my calendly directly.  All I ask is that you have a starter topic in mind. We don’t necessarily have to hold to that, but I’ve found these conversations go better when there is somewhere to start.

Topics you might want to talk to me about:

  • What’s the best way to learn new subjects?
  • You, Elizabeth, are obviously wrong about […]
  • Human relationships: how do they work?
  • The small selection of video games I have very strong opinions about
  • The education system.
  • Anything you’ve seen me write about, although I reserve the right to not remember things.
  • I, [reader], know this cool thing and want to share it.


If you’d rather e-mail instead, my e-mail is elizabeth-at-this-domain-name. You are entitled to the same hour as anyone else.

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