Sometimes when I link to products I will use affiliate links, which is not a substantial source of income for me. I try to mark links as affiliate but sometimes forget.

I have a Patreon, which while very appreciated is also not a substantial source of income for me. Posts supported by Patreon are marked as such at the bottom.

I think I’ve turned off ads for this blog but if WordPress turned them back on I wouldn’t necessarily notice, I use ad block like a normal person.

I frequently do research work for hire, which is my primary income. Some of that work is confidential, but some of it I’m able to talk about on my blog and Twitter. These posts are also marked as such, although very occasionally the acknowledgement will be anonymous. I try to announce these projects ahead of time on Twitter, but not everything starts with a clear idea of a public end product so it doesn’t always happen.

I sometimes tweet about things I learned in the course of my work in ways that aren’t obviously distinct from random things I’m interested in. That’s because I’m fortunate enough to have work I find intrinsically interesting and I talking about interesting things on Twitter is one of my favorite things. One of the most frustrating parts of my job is not talking about intrinsically interesting things I come across in the course of confidential work, because I don’t want people to work backwards to the project.

Note that some work isn’t confidential but nonetheless never gets a blog post or a tweet, because the client didn’t want to pay for it and I didn’t feel intrinsically motivated to do so.

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