Book Recommendation: The Cruel Prince

This is not normally the venue I use for discussing fiction, but I’ve recommended The Cruel Prince (affiliate link) to ~10 people in the last year and a half, and every single person loved it. Every last one. And not just a little bit; multiple people put off important things they needed to be doing because TCP was so good and did not regret their decision. This level of agreement and enthusiasm among my friends is completely unprecedented. So if you can possibly see yourself being interested in “YA fairyland with unusually agentic protagonist”, I suggest you give it a shot.

The first five or so people I gave this recommendation to, I warned that I hated the third book in the series and thought that it undid some of what was most important to me in the first two (cannot reveal without spoilers, but happy to discuss out of band). No one was able to resist after enjoying the first two so much, and thus far no one has agreed with me. So you should probably read it too, and if you happen to agree with me I would be extremely happy to have someone to complain about this with.

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