Quick tips: stock cubes

I have a hard time adjusting to new foods.  I have to start with very low amounts and ramp up very slowly over time- which rules out anything that needs prep.  I also have fairly severe texture issues that are hard to work around.  On the advice of my excellent nutritionist, I started making and freezing stock.

Making it is simple.  You throw whatever food you want into a big pot with enough water to cover them, and a little bit of apple cider vinegar.  Simmer for 6-18 hours.  Let it cool for a bit, then strain the pot into another bowl, so you’re left with just the liquid.  Pour that liquid into an ice cube tray.  Now you have an ice cube full of nutrients.

When I first started, I would chip off an infinitesimal amount into a huge glass of water and drink it over a period of hours.  That’s not a lot of nutrients.  But as long as my stomach (by which I really mean the whole GI system) was in lock down, that was all it was going to take in, regardless of what I gave it.  So I don’t view the low nutrient concentration of the ice cubes, relative to food, as a failing.  I view it as meeting my stomach where it was.

For bonus points, drink it through a straw.  For reasons I can only speculate on, I experience less stress and more nourishment when drinking through a straw, relative to eating or drinking straight from the glass.

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