I can fix anything/if you let me near

Health stuff is often cyclic, and I’m in the unpleasant part of the cycle right now.  When the first derivative is negative it’s easy to feel like everything will get worse forever, so here’s a list of things that are objectively better than they were a year ago, even after the recent backsliding.

1.  My overbite.  I’ve had it since childhood.  I was prescribed braces, but my mom eventually convinced my dentist my teeth were so bad that the increase in plaque due to difficulty in brushing would be even worse for me.  Two months ago, it disappeared.  I still pull my lower jaw in when I chew because I ground my back teeth down in the pattern of my overbite, but the resting position is now almost perfect.

2.  My dental health.  I’ve had on 4x/cleanings since childhood, and my last dentist spoke in terms of great Game of Thrones like battles to fight back the plaque.  She noticed a marked improvement as soon as I went on HCl, without me telling her anything had changed.  I just started with a new dentist and he’s less bracing for winter and more trying to make sure things tay as awesome as they are now.

3.  Oranges.  I used to hate oranges.  Two or three drops of orange juice in a full glass of water were all I could stand.  Now I eat them whole, without HCl.

4.  Auditory sensitivity (increased).  When I noticed discontinuities in the sound of my last audiobook (slight changes in the volume or tone) I put it down to cheap recording not standardizing between sessions.  But my current book does it too.  I wonder if every book has these, and I just didn’t notice until now.

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