Book Review: It’s Always Something, by Gilda Radner

I will read any autobiography written by a comedian, regardless of the quality of their other work.  They’re great because they can’t turn off their comedian analysis skills no matter how bad it makes them look, so even when they’re trying to lie you can learn a lot.  This is how I ended up surprise reading a cancer memoir.

I’ve never had cancer, but I did read it in the immediate aftermath of my surgery correcting a previous surgery correcting a previous surgery, so I felt a little kinship with the  cycle of pain and uncertainty.  And I think she did a really good job portraying that- the ups and downs, what a positive attitude can and can not get you, the costs and benefits of fighting doctors and using alternative treatments.  It was a very honest description of both hope and despair without become overwhelming.

The book ends while she’s in treatment for recurrence, which would later go on to kill her.  In some ways that’s not very hopeful.  But I think it’s a good book anyway. 

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