1.5 years ago I did a food sensitivity test, and it came back “yes”.  I gave up wheat, eggs, and milk.  After 4 weeks my chronic heartburn was gone and I generally felt better.  Not better enough to stick with it indefinitely- at the beginning of 2014 I fell off the wagon due to a combination of stress and changes in my access to food.  The problem with sensitivities is that it’s a very delayed feedback mechanism.  One bite of foods I am sensitive too doesn’t bother me at all, in the moment or later.  Conversely, giving up all those (delicious) foods doesn’t immediately make me feel better.

After many false starts, I re-gave up all the sensitivity inducing foods in August, and was pretty irked when my heartburn continued for weeks.  But like last year, I suddenly noticed that only do I not have heart burn, but I haven’t for weeks.  I forgot that it was a thing I had.  And sometime in the last three weeks my skin became flawless.

No, one subject-aware case study does not prove a thing.  But when you consider how much the subject wanted the opposite result because that was where the ice cream was, it becomes deserving of further study.

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