Downer Superbowl Post

The Seahawks made the Superbowl again, which means half the windows in town have a green and blue 12 in them.*  I have two instinctive reactions to this: reflexive nerd disgust feeding an urge to signal how little I care about sportsbowl, and happiness that people that live near me are winning a thing.  The reflexive nerd disgust is not coming from a healthy place and happiness is nice, so I start to go with that.  And then I remember the actual problem with football.

Football is hell on the body and the brain.  Watching people hurt themselves for our entertainment isn’t great, but they are at least adults that made the choice that this was worth the compensation.  What really bothers me is the tens of thousands of children (many poor or otherwise underprivileged) who are destroying themselves in the hope of financial reward.  Even very young children can damage each other.  I think anything that encourages this is immoral.  At the same time, I know people who enjoy football and I’m extremely uncomfortable calling them immoral.  They’re not watching with an eye towards torturing 8 year olds, they just don’t know.  And my feelings on the matter are so strong there’s no polite way for me to tell them.

2000 years ago people fed slaves to lions for entertainment.  100 years ago they watched men punch each other in the face.  Football needs to go the same way.

*It also means green and blue cupcakes in the crisis chat break room.

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