What a healthy child. And so full of organs!

Recently I decided to apply my unlikely super power “finding all sources of protein gross” to eating organ meats, on the theory that if I’m pushing myself to eat something it might as well be cheap and nutritious.  Organ meats have way more vitamins than muscle (compare chicken muscle with chicken liver).  Polar bear liver has so much vitamin A you can die from it.


But you can’t die from chicken liver, or at least I can’t, because I eat a few snips at a time.  Plus I had some chicken organs in my freezer from the time I went to a backyard farm and killed a chicken, which I expected to get a really great blog post out of but in the end my take away was “I am okay with this system but hope we develop a better one soon.”, which is not a great blog post.

I’m going to spare you my recipe because I really hope there are not that many people with my combination of digestive and chewing issues, but what I will tell you is that liver taste like crickets.   Maybe that is just what nutrition tastes like? Mostly this was an excuse to post my favorite Invader Zim clips.

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