Every conversation I’ve ever had about opioid pain killers.

Me: The mild ones do nothing for me and the heavy ones are so unpleasant I’d rather be in pain.  Even when I got dry socket I only took them to sleep, and that was after days of going without.
Them: Opiates aren’t supposed to make you stop being in pain, they’re supposed to make you not care.

I’m not sure how they think this is helping. If I’m complaining about pain the drugs have pretty obviously failed at making me not care. I am especially confused by medical professionals trying to talk me into dangerous, addictive drugs I’ve said I don’t want.

Side note: Dry socket is a condition in which the blood clot that forms in the wisdom tooth extraction site dissolves, exposing a nerve to open air. I’m not sure what kind of pain you’re supposed to be in after wisdom teeth extraction, but ask your dentist, and if it’s more than that get help immediately. Especially if it gets worse over time.

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