More ways to make to the world better

Seattle Effective Altruists just got a bunch of new potential members from the very different spheres of “Peter Singer’s talk” and “the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality wrap party”.  I am planning an event targeted at these new people, with the dual goals of “make them slightly more effective even if they never come back” and “induce them to learn and do more about effective altruism”.  The specific plan is to present actions one can do right now to make the world a better place.  “Donating to GiveWell” will be there, but so will donating blood.  I am looking for things that run the full spectrum of cheap/expensive, difficult/easy, time consuming/not, so that everyone has something that is doable for them.  That especially means not having too many things that run on money, because not everyone has a lot of money to spare and we already spend a great deal of time on options for those that do.  Any other suggestions for what to include?  The list so far is:

  • Have you considered just giving money?
  • Use Amazon smile and a Charity Science referral link to buy from Amazon
  • Hold a birthday fundraiser
  • Donate blood, sign organ donor card
  • Reduce animal consumption/buy humane animal products.

I’ll add more as suggestions come in.

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