Links 5/29/15

What happens when you wring out a wet cloth without gravity? (h/t: Sydney)

space program: justified.

Weaponized data: How the obsession with data has been hurting marginalized communities.  I really disliked this on my first read through, because what are you going to do, not base your decision on data? But then I realized that I was treating “data”” and “information” as synonymous, and the author was not.  I’m not clear on exactly how she’s defining “data” here, but I agree with most of her examples of bad data or data being misused, and I like most of her proposed solutions.  I also liked her post on trickle-down community engagement.

Worms maintain memories after being cryogenically frozen and revived.  This isn’t my area of expertise, but I noticed a few things:

  • The type of memory they are talking about is imprinting, which is probably more durable than human experiential memory.
  • They used two different freezing procedures, and one had an 80% death rate.  The other one had a 0% death rate.

But for a first study, this is pretty exciting.

Say it wrong first.

Things I’ve learned about academic work from playing Age of Empires.  This is interesting, because it’s all about combat, and what I learned from Age of Empires is that fighting is boring and base building is fun.   Actually now that I think about it that’s  also what I learned from Hardcore History’s series on World War I.  That’s why I play Colonization: there’s a nice long period of supply chain building before you have to do the stupid war, and you can just quit then.

The world of estranged parents forums.  Narcissists kind enough to congregate and share their thought patterns.

GiveWell Summer Fellowship.

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