Talk to me for an hour

Short version: do you have a thing you really like talking about?  Email me at elizabeth @ this domain name to talk about it.

Long version: some of my favorite conversations involve me or someone else sharing a thing they find really, really interesting.  Sometimes we both have expertise in the area and it turns into a discussion, sometimes only one does and it’s more like a lesson.  I love both of those, and I want more in my life.  As a reader of my blog you have already proven yourself a connoisseur of interesting information and analysis (and modesty), so you seem like an excellent candidate to have these conversations with.  If you would like to

  1. Talk to me in depth about a thing I’ve written
  2. Talk to me in depth about a thing you’re passionate about.
  3. Play double crux argument over just about anything

email me at elizabeth @ this domain and we’ll set up a time.  If you are reading this, it applies to you.  Some of the best discussions are about things people were really shy to bring up because they didn’t think anyone else would care.  I can’t promise to care when we’re done, but you’ll notice I find a lot of things interesting, and it’s worth an hour of my time to find out if your thing is.

Additional incentive: I have many interesting opinions I am too scared to write down.

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