Motion sickness cure: mint gum

I get really severely motion sick.  It’s worse when my sinuses are worse but even at my best I’m trading off how much misery I can stand with how much boredom I can stand.  I’m actually better with misery, but it still slows me down mentally and often lingers for many minutes afterwords.  Entirely accidentally I seem to have found a treatment: –mint gum.  It’s not quite 100%, but it doesn’t get any worse over time, and the ceiling is fairly low.  E.g. I’m writing this on a plane.

Internet occasionally mentions mint candy or aromatherapy as a treatment for nausea, but never gum.    I feel like the chewing part is important but who knows.  I suspect this isn’t very wide spread because if it was those stupid wrist bands would not be as popular as they are, but I doubt I’m the only one either.

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