Call for Exercise Study Recommendations

A follow up to yesterday’s post: The book I am testing, Exercise for Mood and Anxiety, is very good at handling the psychology of exercise, but makes no mention of specific exercises you should do.  I approve of picking one thing and focusing on it, but I think depressed people in particular would benefit from not having to do the extra work of choosing between the infinite variety of exercise programs.  I would like to be able to recommend a few things not as the Objectively Best Exercises, but as reasonable defaults if choosing is too hard.

Does anyone have an exercise program they would recommend, with documentation I could investigate?  One example would be Body By Science, which details the science behind super slow weight training.  It overstates its claims, but it provides enough information that I can determine that relatively easily.

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    Also lesswrong has a good post on exercise if you do a search.
    The six main movements are: lower body push (squat or lunge), lower body pull (deadlift or hip raise), upper body push (press), upper body pull (row), overhead push (overhead press), and overhead pull (pulldown or pullup). There are a ton of different variations on those main movements. A good routine will focus on those six main movements, and have you work hard in intervals of work and rest to maximize EPOC and/or muscle building.

      1. Im sorry, could you be more specific? I pointed you to a website with a large database written by a researcher in exercise which included descriptions of multiple sample programs described for a variety of exercise goals, and several articles of which contain references to the background of research behind specific recommendations. How is this not what you asked for?

      2. 1. It sounds like the link to could have been helpful if properly framed. Without that framing there was no reason to believe a website that looks that atrocious contained useful information.
        2. Your description of muscle groups was not sourced and I have no reason to believe you have expertise in this.
        3. Your past comments repeated conventional wisdom without responding to the substance of the post even when explicitly prompted, and I carried that into my interpretation of this post.

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