Tracking Flow State

I would like to spend more time in flow state.  There’s a number of possible interventions, but I don’t have a good way to measure the effects of any of them besides “that felt more flow-ey”.  That’s not going to hold up.  So I’m turning to you, the internet, for advice.  What app or plugin will let me designate block of time to be “serious work time” and record the number of times I initiate interrupty things during that block (including checking my work email for projects unrelated to my current one, but excluding checking FB because there was a critical piece of information in a chat)?

The low tech solution here is a post it with tally marks, but for obvious reasons I’d prefer something that didn’t require intervention on my part.

The ideal solution would be for Toggl to track how often I interrupt myself, because I already track my time using Toggl and it’s already both a phone and browser app, it would just need to notice interruptions.

Things that will not work:

  • Measuring how much time I spend on facebook/tumblr/email/candycrush/ in a day.  I don’t care how much time I spend on any of those.   I care how many distinct instances of going to them occur while I want to be concentrating on something.  AFAIK, This rules out RescueTime and TagTime.
  • Measuring how often I check in a day.
  • Things that require more intervention than turning the “concentrating now” button on and off. There are tally counter phone and presumably web apps, but the last thing I want to do is require more executive function and willpower of myself to count the number of failures of EF and willpower. 

Bonus features:

  • Let me designate specific facebook or e-mail visits as work-related.
  • Work on all of: my OS X laptop, my windows laptop, my android phone.

Any suggestions?

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