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  1. I tried it for the duration of about one bottle before I had to stop because I was trying to get pregnant. While I was taking it, I was maybe about 60% less likely to wake up memorably during the night and wakeups were less complete and prolonged, though I didn’t track this systematically. I checked all the component ingredients and found that theanine was safe enough for my risk tolerance and continue to take that; alone it seems to do some of the “less complete and prolonged” thing but doesn’t help keep me asleep.

  2. I tried it but it didn’t appear to do much for me. My body seems to be pretty unresponsive to anything sleep-related though; I don’t get jet lag, I don’t feel effects from caffeine, and didn’t notice any significant effects from melatonin… I appreciate you putting in the time to write up the suggestion/survey though!

  3. I tried 30 tablets. It seemed to have no effect (if anything, it seemed to make things worse), but that’s not surprising to meβ€”I’ve tried a bunch of things to improve my sleep, and at best they seem to have helped a small amount. The one thing that had a moderate positive effect was moving to a quieter room.

    Some background on my sleep problems: I typically fall asleep easily and sleep pretty well through the night (I notice myself waking up 0-2 times, and I usually fall back asleep quickly), but I’m fully awake after about 6.5–7 hours of sleep. This seems not to be enough, since I get tired in the afternoon. It could be that my fatigue is due to something unrelated to sleep.

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