When Did You Learn Your Relationship Dealbreaker?

People who have lived with and subsequently broken up a with a partner you would have married had things gone well: what did you (or they) learn that changed your (their) mind, and how long had you lived together when it was discovered?

Common wisdom is live together for a year before making future plans, but I’m trying to figure out where the inflection points actually are.

Feel free to e-mail (elizabeth-at-this-domain) or comment anonymously if you want to share but don’t want it to be public.

So far I have eight pieces of data from five people, and have an idea about a trend but need more data to confirm it.

7 thoughts on “When Did You Learn Your Relationship Dealbreaker?”

  1. Do marriage-then-divorces count for the purposes of your question as well? It seems as though they should, since the dealbreakers might be quite similar (especially if no children were involved).

  2. Dealbreaker: Lying about serious matters. My partner had failed a bunch of classes and dropped out of school, but pretended to go to campus every day still. Found out 5 months later it was all fake.

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