Product Endorsement: ENOF

Long time readers may remember when I endorsed Kencko, a collection of freeze dried fruit and vegetable powders in convenient packaging. I was extremely excited about Kencko, because I have various food issues that lead to not eating enough produce, freeze drying maintains most nutritional value, and powders are really easy for me. Or, they usually are. For reasons I never figured out, Kencko made me vomit. I looked around for better but couldn’t find any, and dropped it.

My interest in produce powders was re-aroused recently by concerns about the food supply chain in the US. I don’t think we’re going to starve, but I do think produce variety will be severely curtained, price will go up, and more produce will be processed rather than fresh or frozen (because harvest for processing requires less manpower). Shelf-stable produce that didn’t take up much space was suddenly attractive.

Eventually I found ENOF, which:

  1. Was exactly what I wanted, in terms of being 100% freeze dried and having a variety of ingredients. I looked really hard for this and ENOF was the only thing that fit both requirements.
  2. Didn’t make me throw up (I waited to write this endorsement specifically to test that).
  3. Came in a convenient cinnamon-shaker like container. It is embarrassing how much more I use this powder because it is a convenient shaker rather than requiring a spoon to dish out. I combined the contents of two containers to create an empty one I could put my protein powder in, and now I’m using that more too.
  4. Tastes fine for what it is.

If you are interested, I have a 25% off code here: SBHBJZGJ, which you will need, because this product is not cheap. This is not a referral code, I don’t get any money for you using it, I’m not even sure it will work for more than one person because it was sent to me personally (immediately after I made a large purchase :/  ). I honestly thought about not publishing this because I don’t want them to run out, but I decided the risk of them going out of business  due to insufficient demand was higher that I would be prosocial and share.


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    1. 1. No manganese
      2. My guess is nutrition from food is better than nutrition from pills, although I also take pills.
      3. something something unknown micronutrients.

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