I started as a behavioral biologist, got diverted into programming, started reading history and sociology as soon as it was no longer mandated, and am trying to figure out my incremental part in saving the world.  This blog is in many ways a chronicle of throwing spaghetti strands at the wall until I find my thing.

Aceso is the greek goddess of healing.  The name is a holdover from when this blog was more focused on medical research.

You can reach me on twitter @AcesoUnderGlass or by e-mail at elizabeth@[this domain name].


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, I read your entry about hypochlorhydria. I have the same issue. I’ve never met someone who has this or a docor who takes this seriously. I had horrible migraines for 20 years and I could have had a much better life if I knew what to do.
    One day, a few years ago, an ENT doctor told me that my nasal mucosa is swollen like I had an allergy and that she suspects digestive issues and allergy. There was no food allergy so I started an elimination diet. I ate only rice for a few days, no headaches. i introduced this and that. There were headaches only when I ate proteines with a high lysine content. Bread was fine, beans were not. Neither were meat, milk, lentilus, tofu, etc. I lived for 2 years without proteins. Then I got too thin and weak and i started stydying chinese medicine: acupuncture and herbs. I am better now, no more headaches. I went to chinese doctors and they helped, but my own experiments told me more. In fact, what I mostly use are herbs that contain cortisol or stimulate cortisol. I had done this before understanding about cortisol and adrenals. I have just followed ancient chinese recipes for kidney yang deficiency as the root and spleen yang deficiency and spleen qi deficiency , too. These herbs themselves are hard to digest because they stay long in the stomach, so I use herbs that help moving the stomach, so they treat the symptom , herbs for the stomach and qi stagnation. This is easy to find: mostly dried tangerine peel. Better the old peel, you can find it in chinese supermarkets.
    If you don’t suspect any hormonal involvement, please try the dried tangerine peel (in chinese Chen Pi), it might help your stomach.

    If you can, please write to me and tell me if the connection between stomach and adrenals ring a bell for you. (i also have Hashimoto thyroiditis, but this shouldn’t matter, because I take the hormone). I am not going to the endocrinologists anymore to ask about this connection. They’ve always dismissed me.
    Also, please feel free to contradict me if you want. I don’t have a medical education.
    Try to always find a way to eat the normal amount of proteins! Not eating proteins shattered my health even more.
    All the best.

    1. You have good timing. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue before the hypochlorhydria, and my medics have gone back and forth on which caused which. My adrenals had been doing pretty well recently until some pain medication (I had dental surgery) kicked off another crisis, and the first symptom was my diet degraded.

      1. do the doctors give you anything for the adrenal fatigue? I hope you will recover well from the recent crises. now you have more experience.

        we indded have similar symptoms. it is striking how i feel bloated and hungry in the same time, how HCl pills help me eat any proteins and any amount (but the stomach burns like hell afterwards), I have poor dental health, no muscles, and i had anorexia since I was 3 months old until i became an adult.
        my mom had tb and was going through x-rays during pregnancy. i suspect this has something to do with the adrenals. or maybe it is because my father was an alcoholic? or maybe i had B hepatitis very early in life? i have a healthy family otherwise.
        i am wondering why all this because the weakneses i had ended up with a more serious problem that might not be solved anymore by any medicine.
        you were lucky to find good doctors in time.
        please erase my comments later, i didn’t write in the right place but in your “about section” and also, my english is not that good.
        all the best!

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