Best Of

I blog about a lot of different things and tend to go through phases.  This page is a less “top posts I have ever written” and more “what I’m most proud of in each category”

Map of Open Spaces in Effective Altruism: An investigation into where the money and support is in Effective Altruism.

How to Train Your Dragon in Behavioral Ecology: in which I explain eusociality and related social systems, using How To Train Your Dragon as a motivating example.

Health At Every Size Roundup: I wrote a number of posts on HAES the book, they’re all collected here.

Interpretive Labor: it takes work to understand people, and who does that work is important.

Leaflets are Ineffective, Tell Your Friends: several major organizations (including Animal Charity Evaluators) rank leafletting as effective at converting people to veganism.  I disagree.

Depression in Video Games: how The Cat Lady uses mechanics to represent depression better than Depression Quest ever did.

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