Hunger Tracker

Hunger Tracker is an app designed to fulfill one goal: help people with difficulty intuiting their hunger identify that they are hungry, and over time develop their internal  sense of what and when to eat.  Okay, fine, two goals, help identify when to eat in the moment, develop intuitive sense of eating, and save trees.  Fine, three goals, identify time to eat, develop intuitive sense of eating, save trees, and an almost fanatic devotion to HCl.  I’ll start over.

Hunger Tracker is designed to let you track hunger levels through the day.  There are many apps that include this, but they can be overwhelming for people who already feel ungrounded around food.  Hunger Tracker avoids this with a minimalist UI tracking exactly one thing.

Right now Hunger Tracker lets you:

  • enter an arbitrary number of entries
  • retrieve entries at will, display in scrolling list
  • schedule a notification to solicit your fullness level later.

Suggested workflow:

1.  Install manually or install from Google Play.

2. You should see something that looks like


3.  To store your hunger:  enter the number in the upper text box and hit “store”

4.  Set an alarm for the next time you wish to track your hunger.

5.  A notification with a quiet beep and short vibrate will remind you at that time.

6.  When you want to retrieve your data, hit retrieve.

7.  When you’re done, hit clear.  This will erase all data not just clear the screen.


Hunger Tracker source code

Plans for next version:

  • Allow user to configure alarm sound
  • Store data in database rather than text file

Future Versions Wishlist:

  • Send data somewhere useful, possibly google spreadsheet?

You can read about the process of developing Hunger Tracker by following the hungertracker tag.

Please send feedback here, at elizabeth@[thisdomain], or @AcesoUnderGlass

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