My stock donation to Tostan has finally gone through.  With the stock price the day it went through, my total donation is $19701.26, $49 less than I pledged.  I blame Morgan Stanley for taking 5 weeks to process the donation.  I will fix this, but for tax reasons it will probably need to wait until next year.

Uuuuuugh the broker only just started transferring my stock to Tostan (apparently they lost a week or two while they waited for me to confirm I’d given them the right account number, without alerting me in any way).  For tax purposes this still counts as 2016, so that’s okay- except I need to know the total value of the shares so I know how much I need to top off with cash, and I’d like to make the cash donation in 2016 as well.  I got their best guess and donated, I guess the worst case scenario is I donated too much.  But it has taken a lot of executive function I sent this in almost a month ago, this is not acceptable Morgan Stanley.

Accountability Update

I have submitted the form to my broker to donate stock make the bulk of my Tostan pledge, I will make up the difference in cash once they tell me the exact value of the received stock.  Note that this involved a paper form that had to be faxed and I work from home without any such equipment so this basically makes me a superhero.

Hey everyone- I’m travelling a lot this week and while I have produced an impressive number of half posts, nothing is quite ready to go.  But! If you are in the SF/Berkeley area, I will be near you for the next few days and we should hang out.  You can email me at elizabeth@ this domain name.

PS. Please don’t rob my house, it would make things weird with my house sitter.

Nerve function has returned a good deal faster than the pain has receded.  In rather a lot of pain now.  Shiny feelings towards surgery decreasing rapidly.