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Me, three days in to unemployment

No sooner did I start doing epistemic spot checks than I started designing more complicated multi-book series that needed a lot of work before they could be published. And now I have time to do them.  Here’s what I’m working on:

  • One offs on books on the history of science.
  • Reviews of a lot of self help/self improvement/self knowledge/mental health/emotional health books to determine where the scientific bar should be set.  I originally conceived this as “what percent of citations should check out”, but percent correct citations does not seem terribly correlated with usefulness, leading to my exploration of what I should evaluate instead.
  • After I read Exercise For Better Movement I launched two splinter projects: evaluating the claims of EFBM , and a comparison of movement health books.
  • A collaboration with Mark Gomer to read Interaction Ritual Chains, share insights, and have me write them up in an easier to understand format, similar to my piece on Interpretive Labor.

Goals 2 and 3 are in need of material, so please comment if you have recommendations for self-help books that claim a strong scientific backing or have been especially useful to you.

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