The Good News Is I’ll Have More Time For Blogging Now

I’ve been laid off from my job at  Wrong side of the dividing line in a reorg, I’m in very good company.  I’m disappointed, and still consider myself lucky to have worked there- a for-profit fighting poverty that let me work from my couch- for as long as I did, but I’m also kind of relieved it’s over.  Wave stopped me from quitting programing in 2015 because I believed in the mission so much, and it looks like I was correct the first time.  I love programming as a tool to help other things, but it’s not my passion in and of itself.

My passion is the things I do for this blog- research, modeling, writing.  So obviously a lot of my newfound free time will go here.  But I’d also like to look for paid opportunities to use those skills.  If you are or know of someone who needs writing or research like I do for this blog (deep scientific investigation, synthesizing difficult sources into something easy to read, effectiveness analysis, media reviews, all of these together), please reach out to me via elizabeth at this domain.   Have a thing you really want me to blog about?  Now’s a good time to ask.  I’m also available for editing or tutoring to teach people these same skills, and honestly if there’s something I didn’t list that you think I’d be good at, reach out anyway.  I’ve spent 10 years focused on programming, now is a time to explore.

I don’t care about the effective altruism label but am hoping to focus on content I find meaningful, be that in in altruism, science, history, psychology, economics…. or video games.

PS. If the thing keeping you from donating to my Patreon was that I made programmer money, it would be convenient for me if you reevaluated that decision.

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